Key West Biplane Rides

Take Your Key West Biplane Ride with General Cabanas or one of the Colonels of the Conch Republic Air Force!

See Key West in the Flagship of the Conch Republic Air Force… a pristine 1942 WACO UPF-7 that is equipped with DUAL CAMERAS for a one of a kind capture of an amazing Key West Adventure. DVD of your Biplane Ride available. One or two passengers enjoy the experience for same price.

Raymond Cabanas is a 5th Generation Conch (over 150 yrs in Key West!) second generation pilot, and the current Commanding General of the Conch Republic Air Force. The narrated biplane ride will show you historic points of Key West, such as the Sand Key lighthouses, as you fly 500 feet overhead. You will see Sharks, Rays, Dolphins and an occasional Manatee.



Two passengers can enjoy open cockpit flight on our various biplane rides.


  • Tour 1 • 15-18 minute Island Biplane Ride – The best of Key West. $199.99

  • Tour 2 • 30-35 Minute Island & Reef Tour – The Best of Key West & The Sea $349.99

  • Tour 3 • 30-35 Minute Sunset Flight – The Perfect Key West Memory $429.99


Key West Biplanes caters to your special occasions. We can pull a banner or help you plan a memorable proposal or participate in an unforgettable wedding biplane ride. **Prices subject to change.

Key West Biplane History

KeyWestBiPlanes.com is the home of the the one… the only, the original Key West Biplane Ride operation.

Key West Biplane Rides includes the Conch Republic Air Force Waco and the Cabanas Aerobatics Pitts S2-C… Where you can fly with the original Key West Biplane operator, and flying Cabanas family. Since 1987, the Cabanas biplanes have been cruising the Key West skies. Key West Biplanes is the evolution of that business, offering a friendly unbeatable local experience with twice the fun. At Key West Biplanes you can choose between a beautiful open cockpit, 1942 UPF-7 Waco and a Pitts Special S2-C for your biplane ride. Either way, you will experience the ride of your life and the ultimate Key West adventure.

If you have ever been to Key West before, one of your fond memories surely is of the beautiful Waco biplane drifting by with a banner in tow. You cannot imagine how beautiful these aircraft are until you’re running your fingers over the smooth, polished wings on the tarmac just before you take a ride. Key West Biplanes is located at the Key West International Airport, West of the main terminal, on the other side of Island City Flying Service. Go out and meet Raymond and Susan & really DO something this vacation that you’ll talk about for years to come.

Key West Biplanes, the Conch Republic Air Force, and Cabanas Aerobatics were founded by Fred R. Cabanas. A legendary aviator that had amassed over 25,000 flight hours and the type of experience that pilots only dream of. As an unlimited air show performer, he flew PITTS SPECIAL S-2C , Hawker Sea Fury, AD1 Skyraider ,N. American T-28, N. American T-6, N. American P-51 Mustang, Waco, and J3 cub. As an unlimited air race pilot, he was awarded rookie of the year in 2005 and place in bronze, silver, and gold classes. Fred loved to share his passion for aviation and many aviators continue on from his inspiration. His stories are the stuff of local Key West legend. He was an ambassador of this island community and represented the island’s free spirit.

Fred was lost to us in 2013. He was extremely proud of his own kids. His daughter became a successful Navy pilot who, because of her father’s profession, determined her career path at age 7. She exemplifies the family flying talent and completed over 300 landings on an aircraft carrier and most of them in the evening. Raymond Cabanas, follows in his fathers footsteps, as a talented pilot in most of the planes Fred flew. He continues the spirit of the family biplane business here in Key West, plans to continue the Cabanas air show lineage, and is the current Commanding General of the Conch Republic Air Force.